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About Us

Unique N Integrated Medical Staffing LLC is a healthcare staffing services provider licensed in Virginia. From the founding of our company until this day, we have been operating to achieve our goal of helping health facilities meet the ever-changing dynamics of workforce development by ensuring that their team is integrated with staff that can address their patients’ needs.

Our staffing specialists are experts in pairing healthcare facilities with professionals that match their specifications. With our customized staffing approach, we help avoid cases of role mismatch and understaffing, which can both affect the quality of services patients receive.

We will not be here without the trust of our healthcare professionals. They have entrusted us to help them find career opportunities that will allow them to use their skills and grow as professionals, and we honor them every day. We only partner with registered facilities that value their healthcare team and respect each member of their staff, giving them a safe space to work and helping them act on their passion for offering health services.

medical staffs smiling
medical staffs smiling

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart is that we implement an organized system to help make the staffing process faster and more convenient. We take the time to understand the specifications our clients need in their staff and work with them in creating a service plan. This way, whenever they reach us for staff requests, we can find the right professionals to fill their vacancies in no time.

Core Values
    – Where unity prevails, Productivity is optimized; Together We can do more.
    – Honesty is our best policy; We believe in doing the right thing.
    – We are responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.
    – We All Matter; Together yoU aNd I can make a difference in our communities.
    – We believe kindness positively impacts collaboration; There is no set time for a warm smile, a caring touch, or a word of encouragement. Kindness is our watch word.
    – We strive to consistently meet and manage our Unique clients and patient expectations.
    – We believe in projecting positive energy; Take time to have fun, and Nurture Self physically and mentally.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote individualized patient centered care, by pairing healthcare facilities with the right professionals. We aim to ensure that each patient and their families in the areas we serve, are provided with proactive health management and care services in the facilities they trust under the supervision of professionals that can address their unique needs.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to revolutionize workforce development by being proactive, anticipate situations, and procure solutions before they happen. That way yoU aNd I are committed to providing unique and individualized care to our patients and families through quality and reliable staffing.